Figura #aboutusnotclothing paper collage

Great women around the World post their Instagram picture on the same day, April 16th, wearing a piece from the Figura collection.

It’s an honor to have real and inspiring women present my line. Like you, I follow a lot of nice people on Instagram. What their job, hobbies, daily routine, morning coffee or favorite meals are like — these intimate details, significant for their very insignificance, are what I’ve ve tried to show in this photos and what makes these people real and cool. So I asked my muses to share something personal of theirs with the world.

This story is about people, not clothing. Usual fashion industry focuses on clothing items rather than the individuals wearing them. In this sense I don’t do fashion; I create simple things to provide daily, stylish comfort. And instead of featuring professional models in my shoots, I present real women with passion and a story.

16.04.16 • Happy Saturday! Wearing @figuraclothes today on twoward.com (direct link in profile)

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Great day for grass 🌱 Cool pants by @figuraclothes #aboutusnotclothing

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